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We are a Vancouver based business brokerage firm, active throughout British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, that provides current market business (and property) valuations and markets and sells profitable privately owned companies. 

Our experience, expertise and knowledge can be very useful to owners looking to sell their businesses on a confidential basis....without forewarning the staff, the customers or the suppliers.  

In order to reach out to the right buyer (be it another company or to an individual) a very creative approach is required nowadays, as there are many companies for sale.  The way a business is presented is important.  Not only is a realistic and justifiable business valuation based on financial performance cruical but so is the assessment of the future potential of a business once new capital or expertize has been brought in.  Many purchasers look to the (future) earning potential of a business.

Businesses that are generating soild profits are in demand, fom professional buyers that want to add to their portfolios and also from individual buyers who have decided upon on a personal change and will themselves manage and run the business.  Medium and small businesses are key to a healthy economy as testified by the fact that over 80% of businesses in Canada are made up of less than 5 people.  In these times of unstable capital markets, spending restraint and recessionary forces are putting pressure on individuals, businesses and even governments.  The opportunity nevertheless always exists for a business to be acquired and quietly sold.

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs - people that are passionate about their work and their life.  This applies to both those that are ending their careers and those that are just beginning.  Sometimes it becomes necessary or prudent to sell a family-owned or medium sized business, at the same time new entrepreneurs or business immigrants want to go out on their own and buy a business they feel they can grow quickly.  To them the benefits of an established market niche and cash flow cannot be undersestimated.

Running a business is full of risk and one needs to be alert, disciplined, informed and (sometimes) lucky...and it is certainly not for everyone....however, on a daily basis we see that good businesses are always in demand from new entrepreneurs and from professional managed funds.

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